My name is Karolina Oksiędzka. I’m a graphic designer, fine art artist, illustrator, art director, and photographer currently based in Oslo, Norway. I studied in Warsaw and attended two colleges: the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology where I majored in New Media Art, and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences finished with engineering degree in Landscape Architecture.

For more details on my career visit my LinkedIn profile.


I specialize in delivering products through the whole prosses – from concept, throughout the design, up to desktop publishing, creating physical objects, or working with the animation department to polish them up.



I am a confident and skilled designer. Before starting a new project I do a research of current trends or preferences of the client and community. All of my actions are set for the best product possible in the given time and budget.



My illustrations are made mostly in digital techniques – Photoshop or Illustrator. I am also fluent in traditional techniques like pencil, ink, watercolors, and oil paint.



I see the world in my own unique way and I am more than willing to share my point of view with others. My style is best described by 3 words: colors, detail, and idea.


Currently, I accept traditional and digital fine art commissions.
Topics I cover are Portraits, Pet paintings, and landscapes. Please get in touch with me for more information on the process of creating a commission for you.


Oil painting

My preferred medium. The commission takes a significantly long time from start to finish. For each oil painting order I am shipping also a hand-picked 4leaf clover as my way of thanking you for patiently waiting for the finished product 🙂


Acrylic, gouache or watercolor painting

The traditional medium that I use for fast art expression for customers that need a traditional painting relatively fast


Digital media

I prepare gallery-quality print files using digital media. If you prefer to get a print file instead of a physical art piece – this option is the best one for you.